5 Ways Raving Fans Can Help Increase Your B2B Blog Traffic

Douglas Burdett shared a post to the Artillery Marketing blog that discussed five ways fans can help increase your B2B blog post; in that post, Douglas mentioned GaggleAMP as one of five ways to get your supporters to switch on your blog’s afterburners and increase the number of readers, leads, sales and fans. According to Douglas it’s imperative to:

“Leverage your internal resources. Many of your employees, vendors and other “internal” stakeholders have their own social networks. These networks can be used (voluntarily, of course), to extend the reach of your blog. One handy tool for doing this is Gaggle AMP, a platform that lets companies extend their social media reach via employees and partners.”

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15 Essential Tools for Optimizing Your Content

Holly Pavlika, the SVP of Brand Strategy at Collective Bias, recently wrote an article regarding the key recommendations for content marketing tools that she received while attending Content Marketing World 2015. Holly shared RazorSocial founder Ian Cleary’s 15 essential tools for optimizing content- and GaggleAMP was on the list:

15 Essential Tools for Optimizing Your Content

“You need to take advantage of your audience to amplify content. Create a Gaggle, a group of people who typically share your content, and Gaggle will connect your content to your Gaggle helping them share the content. You can use to integrate with LinkedIn, Facebook and various channels.”

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8 Tips for a Winning Content Curation Strategy

Content curation should be a well-thought out aspect of your content marketing strategy. In a recent article posted by Docurated, Lauren Macias shared eight tips that will lead to content curation success; Lauren named GaggleAMP as a content curation tool that you should definitely leverage to help streamline to process:

“Content curation can quickly turn into a time drain unless you equip yourself with the right tools. Luckily there are a variety of excellent tools available to help streamline the process….and GaggleAMP [is one of a] few tools that make it easy for teammates to recommend content, so you aren’t stuck doing all the work by yourself.”

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Influencer Marketing: The Power of Others’ Opinions

GaggleAMP was recently mentioned in an Anomalous Array blog post by Franco Gilmozzi. GaggleAMP was named as one of four services that:

“…are all more or less oriented to identify, profile and classify more and more authoritative influencer, divided by market areas and business segments, providing users of the service, against the payment of an annual fee or monthly real management dashboards to planning and campaign tracking.”**

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** This quote was translated using Google Translate.



#EventHacker: Bobbie Carlton from Mass Innovation Nights

In the latest edition of the Event Hacker series by Attend, leading Boston entrepreneur, Bobbie Carlton, discusses her top event hacks on after parties, social media, and crowdsourcing content. Bobbie is the founder of Mass Innovation Nights, Innovation Women, and Carlton PR & Marketing, as well as a big fan of GaggleAMP, as she mentions in the article:

Event attendance isn’t the most conclusive metric for an event success – it’s also important to measure the social impact and the conversations that take place leading up to the event, during the event and after the event. Bobbie uses GaggleAMP’s social media amplification tools to help drive visibility for the new products but is most enamored of GaggleAMP’s dashboard that allows her to measure impact.

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Social Media Definitions: The Ultimate Glossary of Terms You Should Know

In a recent blog post on HubSpot, Carly Stec shares the ultimate glossary of  social media terms. As social media continues to grow, new features, tools and actions are quickly being introduced and even the most experienced social gurus can benefit from taking a peak at this social terms cheat sheet. The 117 terms of this glossary are listed alphabetically, and the first word under the letter “G” is GaggleAMP:

45) GaggleAMP – GaggleAMP is a social media marketing platform that provides businesses with the ability to leverage its employee’s online presence to increase brand awareness and expand its reach.

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Digital Marketing: 4 + 1 Economic Formulas Necessary to Optimize Business Strategy

In a recent article posted by the Italian brand Ninja Marketing, four examples of effective KPIs, metrics and formulas were discussed as well as the relationship between satisfied employees, happy customers and happy shareholders. GaggleAMP was mentioned in this article as tool to help optimize the business strategy:

“GaggleAMP can transform employees and partners into real online brand ambassadors.”**

**This quote was translated via Google Translate. The original quote is shown, below,  in Italian.

“GaggleAMP permette di trasformare dipendenti e collaboratori in reali online brand ambassador .”

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Engagement Weekly: Managerial Influence on Employee Engagement

In a recent article by Di Lewis at Allen Communication, the latest in employee engagement within various industries was discussed. The article looked into how workplace engagement tactics differs for women and millennials, the managerial influence on employee productivity and the relationship between engagement and business revenue. A recent GaggleAMP article, 3 Reasons Your Company Needs Employee Engagement, was mentioned:

“Employee engagement can impact multiple areas of your business and as such, should be a priority among managers”

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#SocialHR: Innovative Social Trends of 2015- Social Leaders and Brand Ambassadors

In a recent article posted by nòva, the Italian publication shares two innovative social trends of 2015, social leaders and brand ambassadors. Within the article, GaggleAMP is mentioned as a powerful tool that enables brand ambassadors to share content and encourages the participation of your brand advocates. Here’s part of what the article revealed about GaggleAMP:

…the platform not only stimulates a process of sharing, but also to the co-creation of content that may be suggested by the community members, resulting in their proactive involvement in the communication business.**

**This quote was translated using Google Translator. Below is the quote as it was originally posted.

…la piattaforma non solo stimola un processo di condivisione, ma anche alla co- creazione di contenuti che possono essere suggerita dai membri della comunità, con conseguente loro partecipazione attiva nel settore della comunicazione.

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