Digital Marketing: 4 + 1 Economic Formulas Necessary to Optimize Business Strategy

In a recent article posted by the Italian brand Ninja Marketing, four examples of effective KPIs, metrics and formulas were discussed as well as the relationship between satisfied employees, happy customers and happy shareholders. GaggleAMP was mentioned in this article as tool to help optimize the business strategy:

“GaggleAMP can transform employees and partners into real online brand ambassadors.”**

**This quote was translated via Google Translate. The original quote is shown, below,  in Italian.

“GaggleAMP permette di trasformare dipendenti e collaboratori in reali online brand ambassador .”

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Engagement Weekly: Managerial Influence on Employee Engagement

In a recent article by Di Lewis at Allen Communication, the latest in employee engagement within various industries was discussed. The article looked into how workplace engagement tactics differs for women and millennials, the managerial influence on employee productivity and the relationship between engagement and business revenue. A recent GaggleAMP article, 3 Reasons Your Company Needs Employee Engagement, was mentioned:

“Employee engagement can impact multiple areas of your business and as such, should be a priority among managers”

You can read the whole article here.

#SocialHR: Innovative Social Trends of 2015- Social Leaders and Brand Ambassadors

In a recent article posted by nòva, the Italian publication shares two innovative social trends of 2015, social leaders and brand ambassadors. Within the article, GaggleAMP is mentioned as a powerful tool that enables brand ambassadors to share content and encourages the participation of your brand advocates. Here’s part of what the article revealed about GaggleAMP:

…the platform not only stimulates a process of sharing, but also to the co-creation of content that may be suggested by the community members, resulting in their proactive involvement in the communication business.**

**This quote was translated using Google Translator. Below is the quote as it was originally posted.

…la piattaforma non solo stimola un processo di condivisione, ma anche alla co- creazione di contenuti che possono essere suggerita dai membri della comunità, con conseguente loro partecipazione attiva nel settore della comunicazione.

To read the original article, as posted in Italian, click here.

Glenn Gaudet talks about Amplifying Social Content

Firmology recently shared a podcast, Social Selling Superstars hosted by Kurt Shaver of The Sales Foundry, on which Glenn Gaudet was a guest. Kurt shares,

“One benefit of the podcast is that you’ll enjoy hearing Glenn’s enthusiasm come through loud and clear. He really believes in the power of leveraging the social networks of employees, partners, and customers to amplify a company’s messages.”

Highlights from the podcast include:

  • How a company can implement a social communication process with employees
  • The benefits of providing curated content to employees
  • How important it is to make content sharing easy
  • What insights Marketing can gain from GaggleAMP analytics

You can read more about the podcast and listen to it, here. 

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11 Ways to Use Twitter as Part of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

A recent article posted on Screwpile Communications shared 11 ways that Twitter can be used as part of a social media marketing strategy, specifically within the medical device industry. Further, the blog mentions GaggleAMP as the perfect tool to help you recruit the help of your colleagues and automate the process.

“Your staff and co-workers can help build your Twitter following by sharing and retweeting your company tweets to their own followers. Similarly, you can recruit advocates like current customers to help increase engagement on your Twitter page and bring more visibility to your tweets. To automate this process use a service like GaggleAmp. ”  

Read the full post here.

Pssst: Your most valuable communication tool is in the next cubicle

A recent blog posted on The Write Target, published by full-service employee communications company, Write On Target, shared the importance of utilizing employees as the valuable communication tools that they are. Additionally, the blog discussed the recent infographic created by GaggleAMP and how it illustrates the power of employee advocacy.

 Your employees are the most influential and powerful group to help you recruit great talent, communicate the value of your benefits and get others involved in your wellness programs, to name just a few HR initiatives. Whether in person or through their social media networks, they are more influential than any combination of traditional communications.

Read the full post here.

Event Recap: March 2015 Sales Accelerators Monthly Networking Event at HubSpot

Glenn Gaudet, the founder of GaggleAMP, had the opportunity to speak at a recent networking event at HubSpot. Michael Hurczyn, the Director of Inbound Strategy at 710 Studios, provided a great recap of Glenn’s discussion on Social Selling.

Glenn asked everyone to take out their phones and look at their own LinkedIn Profile, and then the same on Twitter.  “Would you buy from yourself?” was the question he posed.

Read a recap of the event here.

How Social Employees Can Help with Brand Marketing

In a recent article from The Undercover Recruiter, the original Undercover Recruiter Jörgen Sundberg, shared a GaggleAMP infographic that highlights the benefits of utilizing employees in successful brand marketing.

Some would argue that your workforce is the biggest marketing asset a company could have. By turning employees into ambassadors on social media, you can tap in to their organic networks.

Here’s one way to out-‘pay to play’ the social networks

In a recent article for Matchstick, Patrick Thoburn discusses how pay-to-play on social platforms is making it more difficult for brands to reach friends and followers. However, Patrick reveals that software vendors have developed ways to get around  the pay-to-play obstacles- and mentions GaggleAMP as one these vendors. Within the article, Patrick links to a recent GaggleAMP case study regarding Groupon’s use of GaggleAMP.

 Groupon increased social reach by 500% with an employee ambassador program designed for HR recruiting [using GaggleAMP].

Read the full article here.