Join the growing group of content providers who are using GaggleAMP to engage and amplify the reach of their content. Our content partners are using GaggleAMP to allow their audience to share great content on the social media accounts. Imagine making it easy to have your audience share YOUR content on THEIR social networks. Best of all, selected content providers get to use GaggleAMP for FREE.

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Here are just a few bloggers and content providers that are part of our program:

Chris Abraham

SocialMedia Breakfast


LinkedIn Rockstars

The Social Media Monthly

Windmill Networking

Marketing Cookie


What we look for:

  • Great content dealing with social media as it relates to marketing.
  • Content destinations that have over 12 months of continuous content.
  • Branded web presence such as your own domain and well crafted site.
  • Content that provides valuable insight to marketers.

What you get:

  • A FREE Gaggle for your content site.
  • Promotion and amplification of your content.
  • Inclusion in our Public Gaggles Page.
  • Webinar support.
  • Access to Gaggle Manager training and support.

What we expect from our partners:

  • Use GaggleAMP.
  • Keep in touch with our team and let us know how things are going.
  • Share your enthusiasm for GaggleAMP.
  • Work with us to further industry knowledge.
  • Work with us on developing an equitable relationship.

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