Amplify your Social Media to Increase your Web Traffic, Leads and Sales!

For marketers looking to drive engagement through social media, GaggleAMP Amplify is the social marketing platform that lets them leverage the potential reach of individual employee, customer, and partner accounts through a unique, accountable, and privacy-assured message delivery model. Using GaggleAMP’s patent pending solution, companies are able to widely distribute their content and messages by creating a network of people (what we call a “GaggleTM“) that share, Tweet, and post company-created messages and content. In addition to message amplification, GaggleAMP Amplify delivers a full range of related analytics and rich ROI reporting for activity on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. With GaggleAMP Amplify, you can Amplify your messages, Analyze the results and Align engagement efforts.

Amplify Social Media via Stakeholders
Get hour by hour reporting on all interactions that your messages have.

Leverage Stakeholders

Empower those people who already have an affinity for your brand to share your social media messages.


See how your messages perform on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Powerful ROI

Track your social media impact through ROI (return on investment) as defined by leads, sales revenue, web traffic, downloads, ad savings, and more.

Message Control

Maintain message integrity in social media for regulatory compliance.

Amplify & Distribute Messages

Leverage your employees, partners, customers, and other affinity groups to distribute your social media messages.

Reward Management

Add rewards that you choose for sharing messages, creating a fun and motivating experience for your members.

Plus much, much more…

See the impact that your social media campaigns are having on your lead generation.

3 Easy steps to getting your message out:

   Sign up

   Add a few messages

   Invite member

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Expand your reach

With GaggleAMP Amplify, companies can dramatically improve their message reach which generates more web traffic, leads, and sales. Why spend all that money on advertising when you can leverage the people that want to share your messages? Get GaggleAMP Amplify today!

Schedule messages, assign campaign information, and get your URLs shortened automatically.

Integrate into your existing marketing framework!

Integrate into your existing marketing framework! Have web analytics, marketing automation, and CRM solutions? Excellent, GaggleAMP Amplify can be integrated into most major solutions providing end-to-end, closed-loop reporting on all of your social media campaigns. Imagine being able to see what impact social media is having on your revenue. You will with GaggleAMP Amplify!

GaggleAMP Amplify comes with Eloqua, Google Analytics, HubSpot & Marketo support built right in. Other analytics and CRM systems can be integrated by our systems support team. GaggleAMP also has a set of API’s that can integrate into your custom developed web, sales and marketing decision support systems. Managing your social media campaigns through GaggleAMP provides you with the ROI analysis that companies are used to with other traditional marketing mediums.

Members share your messages via a secure and branded site.

Energize your fans and stakeholders!

GaggleAMP is a powerful solution that is simple to use. With GaggleAMP Amplify, our customers are gaining message reach in the millions and generating thousands of clicks for their messages. You could be too! Imagine being able to increase your social media presence while driving web traffic and leads. GaggleAMP Amplify does this by connecting your social media messages with those people who already have a natural affinity for your company or brand. Have a lot of employees? Great! Have a lot of Twitter followers and Facebook Likes? Excellent! What about passionate customers? Perfect! GaggleAMP makes it easy for all of these groups to share your messages. GaggleAMP Amplify also tracks the activity, allowing you to report on the impact and ROI for every message and campaign. There is no solution like this.

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GaggleAMP Amplify Should Be Used For…

Your company has an incredible base of loyal stakeholders in their employees, customers and partners that will share social media messages based on their affinity for your company. GaggleAMP Amplify notifies and makes it easy for your stakeholders to share your social media messages. By amplifying your social media through your employees, partners and customers, you will exponentially increase the reach of your social media messages. Using GaggleAMP Amplify, companies experience a dramatic increase in web traffic, leads and sales.

As a major brand manager, chances are you spend a significant amount of money on advertising. Now you even spend money on social media campaigns to “Like” your Facebook Page. Tap into the goodwill that you have created around your brand and invite your fans and customers to share your social media messages via GaggleAMP Amplify. To make it even more fun for your fans, add some branded rewards and create a word of mouth campaign that most brands only dream about.

Whether industry or government imposed, regulations around communications can stifle a business. With GaggleAMP Amplify, messages can now be shared by employees, partners and customers that are pre-approved and locked down. The person given the ability to share the message can share the message as is or say no thanks. This prevents the company from getting their approved messages changed and potentially side-step a regulation.

Non-profit organizations thrive on passionate memberships, supporters and donors. These very people are also a potential megaphone for your cause. Imagine your affinity base sharing your social messages to their friends and followers. GaggleAMP Amplify makes it easy for your supporters to know when and what messages they should share. GaggleAMP Amplify also tracks the impact of those messages and even provides a feedback mechanism for people who choose not to share a message. All the while, your constituents will rest easy that they still retain 100% control over what they share.

Political campaigns are filled with passion and many volunteers. Use GaggleAMP Amplify to turn both into a powerful word of mouth movement that will fuel any candidate or issue forward. With GaggleAMP Amplify, you can amass a powerful army of volunteers, voters and donors into groups of active social message amplifiers. Have a lot of “Likes” on Facebook or lots of followers on Twitter? This is not enough. These people made a one-time decision and may never see anything else you put out.