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  • ForumCon

    June 19, 2014
    San Francisco, CA

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Press Mentions:

  1. #SocialHR: Innovative Social Trends of 2015- Social Leaders and Brand Ambassadors

    In a recent article posted by nòva, the Italian publication shares two innovative social trends of 2015, social leaders and brand ambassadors. Within the article, GaggleAMP is mentioned as a powerful tool that enables brand ambassadors to share content and encourages the participation of your brand advocates. Here’s part of what the...
  2. 5 Tools to Automate Your Content Distribution

    In a recent blog post by Rayna Barakat of the IDS Agency, she shared 5 tools to help automate content distribution. Rayna mentions GaggleAMP as a great value tool that will help you boost your social reach. Read the full post here. Want to give GaggleAMP a try? See what GaggleAMP...
  3. Glenn Gaudet talks about Amplifying Social Content

    Firmology recently shared a podcast, Social Selling Superstars hosted by Kurt Shaver of The Sales Foundry, on which Glenn Gaudet was a guest. Kurt shares, Highlights from the podcast include: How a company can implement a social communication process with employees The benefits of providing curated content to employees How...
  4. 11 Ways to Use Twitter as Part of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

    A recent article posted on Screwpile Communications shared 11 ways that Twitter can be used as part of a social media marketing strategy, specifically within the medical device industry. Further, the blog mentions GaggleAMP as the perfect tool to help you recruit the help of your colleagues and automate the...
  5. Pssst: Your most valuable communication tool is in the next cubicle

    A recent blog posted on The Write Target, published by full-service employee communications company, Write On Target, shared the importance of utilizing employees as the valuable communication tools that they are. Additionally, the blog discussed the recent infographic created by GaggleAMP and how it illustrates the power of employee advocacy. Read the full...

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Press Releases:

  1. GaggleAMP Nearly Triples Employee and Stakeholder Advocacy Capabilities

    GaggleAMP nearly triples its capabilities to provide employee, partner and customer social media amplification and marketing advocacy. GaggleAMP’s unique “Gaggle Actions” allow company stakeholders to go beyond just sharing social media messages and allows companies to transform their stakeholders into an online grassroots marketing engine.  Gaggle Actions have included: Follow...
  2. AMP Up Your Social Media Joins the FIR Podcast Network

    The FIR Podcast Network announced the addition of a podcast on social media marketing to its show line up. We are pleased to report that the show is our very own, AMP Up Your Social Media. The show joins a prestigious group of podcasts that focus on various aspects of...
  3. GaggleAMP Adds HootSuite Integration for Gaggle Managers

    GaggleAMP Inc, today announced its integration with HootSuite. HootSuite is a social relationship platform for businesses and organizations to collaboratively execute campaigns across multiple social networks from one secure, web-based dashboard. Gaggle Managers can now leverage the power of their Gaggle from their within their HootSuite dashboard. With GaggleAMP’s new...
  4. Cision Adds GaggleAMP’s Social Amplification to its Content Marketing Suite

    We are pleased to add to the growing list of companies that are integrating their solutions with GaggleAMP. Today, PR and marketing software firm Cision has deployed a new release of its CisionPoint software that focuses on helping organizations find social influencers and amplify their content more effectively on social...
  5. GaggleAMP passes milestone helping businesses mobilize employees, partners, resellers and customers

    The reach of social media updates shared through GaggleAMP has surpassed one billion as the company introduces new features CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – June 26, 2013 – As businesses continue to invest in content marketing programs to drive visibility, many look to ways to reach larger audiences with their messages. GaggleAMP,...
  6. GaggleAMP is supporting TUGG’s efforts to raise money for the Boston Marathon tragedy

    GaggleAMP is proud to be supporting TUGG in their efforts to raise funds for those impacted by the bombing at this year’s Boston Marathon. We were honored to have supported TUGG this past summer at their annual fundraiser. We were thrilled to see that they are spearheading this needed effort. Both TUGG...

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